Christin Johansson


REFUGIUM Vallauris 2016

  Catalog text Danish/Swedish ceramic artist Christin Johansson’s work goes through her body. It is the meeting between physical body and raw, moldable material that interests her. How does it create experiences of humanness, of existence, of connection and consciousness? The juxtaposition in itself is very interesting. Consciousness and subtle, energetic experiences draw on inward, […]

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Purification of Her Porcelain Spirit

  I’m watching Christin Johansson’s latest artwork. As the last shot slowly fades I’m not breathing, and for a long time my rational mind is strangely unsettled. What was that? My mind is struggling to understand, as I’ve promised her to write about my experience. My experience is visceral, emotional, personal and transpersonal, but it’s […]


Ceremony of her porcelain spirit

  It’s just me and her… and the sound of vibrating porcelain. The smell of soil. I wonder if she is the spirit of Mother Earth – or some porcelain saint. I feel insecure and safe at the same time. She listens, but I don’t know what for. I can hear my own thoughts racing […]



Augustine is moving in…



In Tales of Another Identity


Her Alter Ego Universe

A meeting with Augustine Adler


Opening Her Alter Ego Universe. CC

Opening evening on Her Alter Ego Universe. Copenhagen Ceramics


Ceramic peep show

A rare insight into the enigmatic universe of ceramics

Ladder with drawer

Nothing But Brown

Fusions between ceramics and furniture



Amalgamations of functions


Sanitation Showroom

For real…?


Gallery 036

Would-be sanitary wares in blue, black, green and pink



From furniture factory to ceramics centre


Early works

A selection of early works.

Christin Johansson

Christin Johansson is one of the most radical young artists within Scandinavian contemporary ceramics. Moving between space design, performance, ritual and creation of ceramic objects, her artistic practice is truly groundbreaking.

Clay as bodily experience, as transpersonal mediator, as a bridge between layers of consciousness, time and space is the new territory that she is defining, leaving the spectator with a sense of having touched a new space within. Her practice is relational and embodied. She works with the senses, intuition and direct experience by creating settings where the rational mind has to let go, expanding into an unknown reality. Yet very far for a conventional ceramic practice, Christin Johansson is true to the very essence of clay as material. Clay is raw from the earth, intensely physical and thus offering an important aspect to contemporary life, which is often deprived of direct, physical experience and contact.

Christin Johansson recently received a prestigious Danish three-year work scholarship in recognition of her pioneering work.


Dr. Louise Mazanti, PhD in contemporary craft


Interview with Christin Johansson on Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast