Mother Tongue is a group of 14 emerging artists from all over the world, brought together by the material that we all incorporate in our work, clay.
Coming from different backgrounds, we speak different visual languages, and our work varies in method, media and expression. But working with the ceramic material is what binds us together.
It is our mother tongue.

For Window 107 on Istedgade, we all shared one piece of clay, ending up with 14 individual ways of using the material. The window is covered with clay, showing the work of the group through small peepholes.

You can see a video documentation of the window here:
And visit our homepage:

Mother Tongue is :
Dan Elborne (AUS)
Lena Kaapke (DE)
Niall Murphy (IRE)
Jo Aylmer (UK)
Alice Foxen (UK)
Luo Yinghuang (Dan Ro) (CHN)
Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (NO)
Petra Dalström (SE/NO)
Emilie Magnusson (SE)
Mia Zebitz Larsen (DK)
Katy Drijber (CAN)
Josianne Desrochers (CAN)
Allison King (USA)
Kim Gregory (USA)