An exhibition showing work made by ten emerging artists form 8 different countries.
The collaboration began in December 2013 after participating in a 6 week residency called Project Network at Guldagergaard, The International Ceramic Research Center in Skælskør -DK.
Project Network is unique amongst artist residencies. The focus lies not solely in making new artistic works but rather places a more significant emphasis on international networking and the exchange of ideas amongst emerging artists.

Near the end of our residency we decided to continue this dialogue beyond our original allotted time. By creating a traveling exhibition we are continuing our interaction but doing so in our home communities.
The small objects are each under 10 cm cubed and function as calling cards and act as surrogates. They visit our fellow Networkers’ community; our pieces stand in place of us; communicating, laughing, divulging and working instead of us.

Also the display of these works has been as varied as the exhibition spaces they were shown in. What remains consistent is the ten objects, each made from Royal Copenhagen Porcelain.

Now that the exhibition is back in Denmark it will have traveled 33,511 kilometers around the world, from Denmark to Sweden, Poland to South Korea, The United States to Canada, Iceland to Germany, and then back to Denmark.

During this period of time each networker was committed to document their process of exhibiting the works, including finding space, promotion, fundraising for the shipping costs, and an opening reception on our website- This element of documentation and process is just as important as the pieces themselves. It represents our continued dialogue and gives voice to the process of the project.